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July 29, 2010 / suburbanxisle

The Charm Offensive

(Click on images to enlarge.)

One of my goals as editor in chief of Audrey Magazine was not only to report what was happening in the Asian American community, but also to highlight young Asian Americans. Enter Jamie Chung. This twentysomething was making a splash on ABC Family’s mini series Samurai Girl. It’s no surprise that this charismatic and charming former MTV Real World star went on to featured roles in the movie version of the popular video game Dragonball as well as other shows on television.

This editorial was shot by the very talented Natasha Lee, who has since moved to New York City, as all talented artists tend to do. I hired Natasha after she sent me her hot pink, velvet portfolio. This was clearly a visual artist, I thought, and it shows in her remarkably sophisticated photos. Natasha and I spent a few weeks searching for the right photo studio in which to shoot this cover editorial, which was made that much more difficult with a modest photo budget that barely covered gas to get there. However, Natasha pulled through in the end with a medium-sized studio loft in downtown Los Angeles.

Jamie was just as perky after several outfit/hair/makeup changes as she was when she arrived at the shoot. Though Natasha and her crew didn’t really need it, I was there to oversee the photo shoot, as well as take care of the business side with the studio owner. I also had the writer Rhea Cortado attend the shoot for some color and to discuss the overall direction of the story.

The photo we finally settled on for the cover was pretty obvious. It just hit all the right notes.


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